Why Comete

Comete is a magazine, but it is also a meeting place.

This space contains interviews and conversations with people who make a mark on the culture of our time, which is radically influenced by the effects of the imbalance between man and environment. Each of the meetings that make up Comete focuses special attention on this subject.
The alteration of our relationship with the planet questions us about whether an open, creative future can be created for us and for those who come after us. We are involved in changes of a powerful emotional and cultural impact. The need to identify new trajectories obliges us to evaluate the directions we are taking.

Apart from being an editorial project, Comete is also an opportunity to integrate cultural events and products with investment projects for a sustainable lifestyle.
The idea was conceived by a group of professionals in North East Italy, a place of major contradictions, where the extraordinary competitive ability of private businesses coexists with one of the highest levels of air pollution in the world. Alongside old city centres renowned for their architectural wealth, we have altered the landscape with buildings that are a long way from harmonious criteria and energy efficiency. We build new theatres, but do not know what resources to use to bring them alive.
Comete wants to report on these contradictions and try to bring together business and culture, professionals and artists.